IT Infrastructure

We help you in all of the hardware, software, and network resources that are necessary to deliver IT services.

  • Systems Setup 
  • Network Architecture 
  • Technical Support Center
  • Capacity Planning
  • Facilities Management
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To address the demand of different IT requirements, we have formed the following Strategic Business Units within our company:

Systems Setup : Our Systems Business Unit help you to design and implement the best technology that meets your business requirements. Our approach couples talent, experience and expertise of High-end RISC servers with a methodology to deliver these high-end system solutions to your Organization.

Network Architecture : We are well trained in designing, deploying, implementing, managing, maintaining and expanding virtually any corporate enterprise network, from initial consultation to ongoing maintenance and support.

Technical Support Center : We offer maintenance services for the following:
• RISC Servers
• OS and Databases
• Networking Devices
• IT Applications
• Cyber Security Systems
• PC & Servers

The Technical Support Center also provides the following services:
• Facilities Management
• Capacity Planning
• Security Audit

Facilities Management : Our Facilities Management people have experience with running IS/IT departments as well as networks of all sizes, so we can save our clients time and money by leveraging our core competency and anticipating problems before they happen. Below are some of the facilities management services:
• System and Network administration and troubleshooting
• System Maintenance – Preventive / corrective
• LAN/WAN maintenance and support
• Mail administration and troubleshooting
• Network Auditing and management
• Onsite and offsite backup services
• Upgrade services when required
• Security management

Capacity Planning : Our capacity planning services can help your organization:
• To reduce information technology cost factor
• Increase customer satisfaction
• Proactively manage the system for optimum performance.
• Predicting future needs based on existing and projected demands 

Our Key Associates : 

Cyber Security

Our team of professional people help you in protecting data, networks, and systems from digital attacks.

Implementation & Roll-outs

We have extensive experience in Implementation and Roll-outs of SAP ERP across many industry verticals, and with every successful Implementation & Roll-out, our knowledge and capabilities grow to help ensure our customer stay one step ahead.

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Our Methodology –

  • Getting Started – We know no two implementation or Roll-out are same so we assure understanding of your business process from the time you contact us, You will be appointed a dedicated project manager who will take responsibility of your project delivery, they will work very closely with you to assemble the right team, manage your timelines, budget and mitigate risks.
  • Building your solution – Our team will work closely with your team to translate your existing business process into functional requirement, During build phase our consultants configure, customize and test the solution, we have experts from various fields that takes care of the Industry best practises in to software and process configuration.
  • Implementation & Roll-outs We leave no stone unturned, before your solutions is rolled-out we prepare and conduct a series of in-depth software and process test. Like Application testing, Integration Testing, UAT. Depending on our commitments we may also conduct project team training.
  • Implementation & Roll-outs It is the most difficult part, but with right planning it goes very smooth, our team provide innovative change management services that help you plan complex business & workforce change, Our approach have below different aspects.
    • Change Planning.
    • Stakeholder communications.
    • Organization readiness.
    • Change sustainability.
    • Training Support.
  • Quality Assurance – We always follow Quality assurance standards to help you speed up delivery, zero defect delivery and we make sure that your processes are fit for business now and in future. Our quality standards ensures to provide benefits on below parameters.
    • Consistency – we adopt consistent project approach over all phases of project using variety of templates and tolls to maintain quality.
    • Compliance – we follow rigorous Implementation & Roll-out methodologies and solutions.
    • Continual Improvement – we conduct series of audits for different milestones, followed by analysis of the results to improve the project and process quality.
    • Future Compatible – We ensure you have the choice to migrate to new SAP versions by following the best practises.

Application Managed Services

  • SAP Application management
  • Onsite/Offshore/ON-OFF Mix Engagement models
  • Offshore Application Programming Factory
  • 24×7 Techno Functional User Help Desk
  • L1 to L4 support
  • QA & Testing
  • Shared Services Model – Support-On-Demand to reduce the cost of application support
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SAP Support-On-Demand –

Our on-demand support services offer Level 1, 2, 3 & 4 SAP support to customers across industries. This allows customers to mitigate hiring costs and turnover risks, while at the same time realizing enhanced benefits in the long-term with predictable costs and predictable results.

Our on-demand support covers the entire spectrum of Core SAP modules and has a mature support process with clearly defined SLAs for resolution of critical issues, and change requests. This allows customers to incrementally increase the ERP functionality, while simultaneously reducing the operating costs and the concerns on high turn-over rates of internal consultants.

Our On-Demand Support Services

Level 1

  • Basis SAP user questions
  • Logon/Password errors
  • Printer Issues

Level 2

  • Answer User How to Questions
  • Troubleshooting system/ transactional errors
  • Handling System dumps

Level 3

  • Reactive Support
  • Fix and / or provide workaround to business critical problems
  • Quick changes to existing RICEF objects
  • Optimizing user roles and authorizations
  • Proactive Support
  • Audit user and system controls
  • Cleanup old logs / check for dumps and spool errors
  • Audit user security, profiles and authorizations

Level 4

  • Change Requests
  • Changes to reports, interfaces, enhancements and forms
  • Adoption to changes in business scenario
  • New RICEF objects / configurations
  • SAP application and kernel patching


1) Pay-as-you-use On-demand flexible client-specific package covering both proactive and reactive support services

2) Reduced Spend Saving time and money otherwise spent on training and retaining in-house resources

3) Predictable Costs and Assured Results Packaged offerings at fixed rates with clearly defined SLAs, provides peace of mind and allows the internal IT staff to focus on business improvement

4) Life Time Care & SAP Partner Development and retention of customer-specific knowledge pool resulting in risk mitigation and provides quicker and more effective resolutions

5) Comprehensive IT Service Provider Assured capabilities for follow on enhancements, rollout and upgrade activities in a post go-live SAP environment; seamless transition from your current support provider

Data Migration

The key and most critical phase of any project is data migration, it not only means moving data from one system to another system but it is about ensuring that data works in target system.

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Our Methodology –

Engaging both functional and technical resources from most departments. These same resources will most probably be involved in other part of the project. For this reason, the risk of conflicting task is high and can quickly lead to a bottleneck where key peoples are overloaded. For this reason, we always consider the data conversion as a project within the project. This translates into the preparation of a complete conversion plan that will help you go through the process and will permit to foresee and solve the conflicting resources usage before the bottleneck ever occurs.

Our Approach –

What – Which business objects will be converted from legacy system in to SAP.

Where – Where are the data, which legacy system are involved for the extraction?

How Much – Estimate the number of records to be ultimately loaded into SAP.

How – There are two aspects to be considered:

  • The way data is extracted from the Legacy System
    • Automatically extracted from the Legacy system without manual intervention.
    • Manually filled spreadsheet
    • Combination of an automatic Legacy System extraction + Manual Entry into a spreadsheet
  • The way data is injected into SAP:
    • Automatic data transfer from a flat file into SAP
    • Manually entering data with online transactions into SAP
    • Combination of both

Who – Who is involve on each Business Object:

  • Key user (Functional responsible of BO conversion : Rules, manual data corrections, test, validations)
  • Consultant
  • Responsible of data cleaning and purging in the Legacy System
  • Responsible of the extraction
  • Responsible of loading data in SAP
  • Business Object Manager (Hierarchic owner who is responsible of day to day use and integrity of information and the one which will be signing off for data acceptance)

Assessment & Value Harvesting

Rigved always make sure that our customers should get greater return from their investment in SAP, Value Driven Audits: Organizations implement SAP to obtain and benefit from the best business practices of highly standardized software but more often than not they fail to audit their systems post Go Live to ensure they are fully compliant with project specifications and produce expected business benefits.

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We at Rigved with strong SAP Value engineering team believe in ” You can’t Manage what you don’t measure” by involving our team to audit an existing implementation, we focus on “Have we built the right thing?” issues to consider include optimal support of business processes with available SAP Standard functionality, standardisation levels, best practices, productivity, user satisfactions and added value, also in the focus would be “Have we built it right?” criteria would include efficiency, support costs ,performance and workloads.

Based on the outcome, we suggest the best way forward to derive maximum value out of your SAP implementation.

Application Development Services

Our consultants know exactly what to do to improve your business process and requirements of IT solutions to your business. Regardless of industry, we offer a flexible & suitable solutions to meet your service challenges.Our broad portfolio of services can help turn your business challenge into a competitive success.

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You need a partner who can ensure success with an approach that gives you best possible solutions, cost, speed and quality. We help you to create a new business applications that capitalize on modern technologies & tools to increase your competitive advantage.

Rigved provides full life cycle applications development services with the skills, resources, technologies to develop feature rich business applications and websites.

Our service portfolio comprises of:

  • Mobile Application Development
  • Web Applications Development
  • Website Design & Maintenance

Skill development & Trainings

Rigved offers executive education and training programs that work on the principle of ‘Result Focused Learning’. We’ve trained over 10,000 executives across India’s biggest corporates on various aspects of behavior and soft skills training that empowered them to become effective professionals. We design customized learning initiatives to help companies develop ‘people capabilities’ to meet their business objectives. We partner with clients to deliver corporate training programs encompassing the entire gamut of classroom, online, mobile & video learning that bring tremendous growth amongst executives while constantly keeping an eye on organizational goals.

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At Rigved, we provide a comprehensive range of corporate training and coaching resources to individuals and organizations that include:

  • Field level multi-level Training
  • Technology-based Solution Training
  • Process-based workflow Training
  • Project Rollout & Management
  • Hub & Cluster mode Training

across IT, HR, Customer Service, Operations, Healthcare, and other domains. Whether you are just getting started or ready to expand your skills and knowledge, we can show you how to work quickly and maximize your utilization.