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Data Migration is the key and most critical phase of any project. Data Migration is not only means moving data from one system to another system but it is about ensuring that data works in target system.

Our Methodology –

Engaging both functional and technical resources from most departments. These same resources will most probably be involved in other part of the project. For this reason, the risk of conflicting task is high and can quickly lead to a bottleneck where key peoples are overloaded. For this reason, we always consider the data conversion as a project within the project. This translates into the preparation of a complete conversion plan that will help you go through the process and will permit to foresee and solve the conflicting resources usage before the bottleneck ever occurs.

Our Approach –

What – Which business objects will be converted from legacy system in to SAP.

Where – Where are the data, which legacy system are involved for the extraction?

How Much – Estimate the number of records to be ultimately loaded into SAP.

How – There are two aspects to be considered:

  • The way data is extracted from the Legacy System
    • Automatically extracted from the Legacy system without manual intervention.
    • Manually filled spreadsheet
    • Combination of an automatic Legacy System extraction + Manual Entry into a spreadsheet
  • The way data is injected into SAP:
    • Automatic data transfer from a flat file into SAP
    • Manually entering data with online transactions into SAP
    • Combination of both

Who – Who is involve on each Business Object:

  • Key user (Functional responsible of BO conversion : Rules, manual data corrections, test, validations)
  • Consultant
  • Data cleaning and purging in the Legacy System
  • Responsible for the extraction
  • Responsible for loading data in SAP
  • Business Object Manager (Hierarchic owner who is responsible of day to day use and integrity of information and the one which will be signing off for data acceptance)