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Be the work place where talented people shine and have fun; Happy people are more likely to generate happy customers.

Outcome Delivered

Outcome Delivered

Until projects focus on the true business outcomes successful project delivery will continue to be elusive. Our Outcome Driven approach set the desired business outcome that needed to be achieved and planned backwards, our Outcome Driven principle operate not as a ‘Cost or Profit Centre’ but as a ‘Value Centre’.

Hire Hard, Manage Easy

Hire Hard, Manage Easy

We set the interview bar high, because once you navigate your way through our merciless interviews, ace the ruthless coding tests, and unlock a high score on our pinball machine all barriers are lifted. We have no micromanagement because we trust each Rigved member to define their own role here. So how do we manage people? We get out of their way.

Be Awsome

Be Awesome

Unmatched expertise in their Domains, Fully Energized, super coders & with full team spirit is what our people have.. we are breath-taking bunch of people. Innovation is in the DNA of our team, keeping Rigved on top of the Chart.
We are just Awesome.

Plans Are Nothing;  Planning Is  Everything

Plans Are Nothing;

Planning Is


Most plans are rendered useless almost as soon as they are put in motion, that’s why at Rigved we focus more on planning, because looking at the final outcome and wondering how to get there is vastly more inspiring than looking at the small obstacles and wondering how you’ll get through it.