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At Rigved, Technology is like the campfire around which we tell our stories.


Rigved is strategically positioned as one of the best SAP Partner in India, to transform, design, implement and maintain your SAP ERP solutions efficiently and cost effectively. Rigved is one of the fastest-growing SAP Partner in India. We as a SAP Partner deploy wide range of delivery framework, various engagement models as well as methodologies.Rigved has modernized and transformed numerous complex legacy ERP systems across many industry verticals, helping its customers keep several steps ahead of the competition.

IT Infrastructure

The IT Infrastructure encompasses a wide array of information technology (IT) elements, serving as the backbone of IT services. This includes physical components like computer and networking hardware, along with software and network components. In the realm of enterprise IT, the infrastructure entails all necessary components for the establishment, functioning, and oversight of an enterprise’s IT environment. Our approach involves meticulous examination of your requirements, followed by strategic planning and alignment of appropriate technology components. 

Cloud Solutions

We are one of the leading Cloud Solutions Provider in Mumbai. Cloud technology supports the implementation of the infrastructure-on-demand approach and manages smooth integration of latest technologies. Our Cloud Solutions not only offers advanced level of flexibility but also assists in innovation, streamlines resources and improves business economy.  We offer different cloud services including Azure Cloud, Amazon Web Services & Google Cloud. Whichever you need, our experienced team can help you to get the most out of them with our expertise and innovative solutions.

Data Technologies

Amidst today’s dynamic digital environment, enterprises harness the power of data insights for success. Our data analytics solutions enable you to unleash the complete potential of your data, converting raw data into actionable insights. At Rigved, we embrace a holistic approach to data analytics, merging leading-edge technology with advanced analytical methodologies. Positioned at the vanguard of innovation, Rigved Technologies is committed to delivering premier solutions through strategic collaborations with industry pioneers. With an unwavering dedication to excellence, we specialize in equipping businesses with transformative technologies tailored for the digital era.

Artificial Intelligence&Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence (AI) harnesses the power of computers, data, and occasionally machines to emulate the problem-solving and decision-making abilities of the human mind. It encompasses sub-fields such as machine learning and deep learning, wherein AI algorithms are trained on data to make predictions or classifications, continuously improving with time. AI offers numerous benefits, including the automation of repetitive tasks, enhanced decision-making processes, and an elevated customer experience. Rigved Technologies is a reliable provider of AI solutions.

Cyber Security

Our cybersecurity services extend beyond safeguarding Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions to protecting shared-service organizations. Rigved offers a deep understanding of critical infrastructure, computer security, and security policy to fortify your organization’s defenses. Whether you require us as your dedicated cybersecurity partner or to augment existing IT capabilities, we provide unbiased insights and adeptly resolve complex security challenges. Rigved Technologies is committed to enhancing your security controls and bolstering capabilities through actionable cyber threat data.


Passion, talent and can-do attitude. That’s Rigvedway!!

Rigved is a CMMI level 5 and ISO 27001 certified Company engaged in delivering best IT Services across Technology spectrum with a key focus on IT Infrastructure, Enterprise Application and Digital Transformation. Headquartered in Mumbai since 2008 our commitment to quality and years of experience has made us serve multiple clients India with 96% retention rate. We partner with our client’s for solving their challenges by providing unparalleled services in strategy, consulting, digital, technology and operations. We consult for Fortune Global 500 companies, with expertise across industry verticals and their business functions. We take pride in distinguishing ourselves through our strong domain expertise, high levels of service standards and outstanding results with exceptional turn-around time with our team.

Engagement Models

The primary focus of Rigved’s successful relationships is our flexible and scalable engagement models designed to address diverse client requirements. Keeping in view of the challenges being faced by the customers, we offer highly flexible and adaptable engagement models. What we do here is, we become a part of your team and in consultation with your specific needs, we come up with the most appropriate engagement model in alignment. Choosing the right engagement model may be critical to the success of your business, since it will not just accelerate your software development lifecycle, but will also contribute tremendously to the net profit of your company. The standard engagement models are given below from which a customer can choose what tunes best in accordance with the Customer requirements.

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