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Time & Maintenance

Suitable when projects are quite complex & are prone to specification and design changes during the course of the project and also to meet any ad-hoc requirements of the customer. The customer is invoiced based on the agreed hourly billing rate of the respective skill set and location of the resources used for the project.

The cost of the project is derived by considering the project execution time and the corresponding resources deployed on the project. This model provides the customers with the flexibility of being able to make changes or amendments to the project scope on an ongoing basis and updating modifications to the project keeping in line with the ever evolving market demands.

A model that is suitable when your project requires us to integrate with on-site engineering activities and looking after your project on a continuous basis. Also, when projects have budget and time constraints, we at Rigved work with you collaboratively at your location to ensure that you have 24/7 visibility into your project.

Our management team ensures that they are with you throughout the project development rapidly carrying out all activities within minimal time period. We stay in sync offering technology expertise; domain competency and end-user knowledge that will help you create next generation products as well as letting you focus on your core business.


Named ODC

In today’s global economy, the word ‘outsourcing’ has become synonymous with ‘offshoring’. Having an offshore strategy in place for an organization is considered to be a basic necessity than a competitive edge. Today, not many companies talk of “Why to offshore”, but rather deliberate on “How to maximize through offshore” and “the success factors for an offshore model”. Having the technical knowledge, man-power and the Infrastructure to support such services, we are taking our services one level higher and closer to our client, we offer to evolve and develop ourselves into becoming your “own” virtual IT Offshore.

Our client gets the benefits of having dedicated resources ensuring high levels of knowledge retention. We have access to high quality and relatively low-cost training, our client enjoys tremendous cost effectiveness with no compromise on the quality of resources. A chief concern of decentralization of IT operations is security, both of code and sensitive information. In this regard, we offer the highest security standards facilitated by controlled access rights. Furthermore, the concept of the DDC factors in formal contractual agreements like Non-Disclosure and Confidentiality Agreements, signed both by us and the resources Dedicated to our clients.

Our Fixed bid model is very well suited for customers with well-defined project requirements and schedules. The model provides customers with flexibility when there is a concern over the progress in remote projects. In this model, the complete project scope is well defined with milestone based deliverables up front and each milestone is linked to some percentage of the payment.

The word ‘fixed’ is crucial here – typically the vendor would not be flexible in wavy requirements and similarly, the Customer would not be flexible in changing commercials.

Fixed Bid